Retirement can be stressful to think about, but if you plan ahead, imagining how you’ll spend your days after you’ve put the day-to-day work grind behind you can actually be fun.

If you think about it, many people will have a different fantasy retirement outlook? Weather, leisure, cuisine–all things to consider when you’re thinking about retirement.

Some folks swear up and down that they never want to stop working—especially because once you’re retired, it’s really on their own terms.

You may know other people who are eager to trade in the nine-to-five daily grind for a hike on a beautiful trail or even some rounds on the links.

Whatever your ultimate retirement dream landscape happens to be, you will probably want to settle in somewhere that has solid amenities and good neighbors.

Of course, like most things that are valuable, finding that perfect and affordable retirement spot may be tricky–so why not seek some help?

In that spirit, we took a look at Money’s list which identifies seven of the best places in the United States that are sure to win you over—no matter how you want to spend your retired years.

Best for Water-Lovers: Palm Coast, Florida

50+ population: 45.5%
County median home price: $203,000
Clear days per year: 221

Best for Lifetime Learners: Marysville, Ohio

50+ population: 31.6%
County median home price: $376,666
4-Year Colleges within 30 miles: 32

Best for Encore Workers: New Braunfels, Texas

50+ population: 32.4%
County median home price: $255,811
Job growth forecast: 15.5%

Best for Urban Enthusiasts: Hoboken, N.J.

50+ population: 16.8%
County median home price: $409,975
Cultural institutions within 30 miles: 722

Best for Belt Tighteners: Nixa, Missouri

50+ population: 31.6%
County median home price: $166,078
Average property tax: $1,598

Best for Outdoor Adventurers: Broomfield, Colorado

50+ population: 33.1%
County median home price: $370,500
Parkland within 15 miles: 94 square miles

Best for Golf Fanatics: Falls Church, Virginia

50+ population: 37%
County median home price: $663,683
Golf courses within 30 miles: 168

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