1. Be Prepared to Buy or Sell Your Home Fast

As a seller, this likely means you have already bought another home or plan to ask for a rent back from the buyers. To list your house, you have photos taken and pre-list to get more attention. If you plan far ahead, you could receive multiple offers and get to choose the best offer.

As a buyer this means you meet with your real estate agent, have loan pre-approval and are ready to offer on a house as soon as it hits the market. Having a trusted real estate agent that can show you homes and write offers quickly, makes all the difference!

2. Don’t Lose Track of the Fine Print

As a buyer, you may be tempted to waive all contingencies, but you should only do that if you are able to handle the consequences. For example, if the home has major repairs, is that a financial hit that you can take?

If you keep one contingency, be sure it’s the title contingency! You want to make sure the title of a house comes back free and clear before you commit to purchasing it!

Sellers may be tempted to accept offers that waive most contingencies, but offer less money or could be risky in other ways. Always look at the full picture of offers that are received on your house before making a decision.

3. Don’t Get Frustrated or Caught up in a Home Buying Frenzy

For both buyers and sellers it may seem like you must move fast on offers. Keep in mind that you should feel comfortable with the process and not give up things that matter.

Buyers, don’t be discouraged when you lose out on multiple properties.

Make sure you learn from each transaction. Sellers, make sure that you have enough time to consider multiple offers.