In 2010, we aspired to create a philanthropic program at Blisk Financial Group where our employees, Spire Investment Partners, and clients could participate and give back. The goal was to reinforce who we are as a company and project our company values while serving the community. The cause that we selected, The American Red Cross, is one that is near and dear to our hearts. Ten years later we have raised over $1,500,000.

Since 2010 Blisk Financial Group has raised more than $1.5 million for charitable organizations.

To accomplish this goal we founded “In the Bag,” a designer handbag auction. Our vision was to create a sustainable fundraiser appealing to working women. In our first year, we executed this vision with 20 women business owners in 90 days. Through the years, handbags have been donated from celebrities such as Elizabeth Dole, Ann Compton, Pamela Brown’s mother, Phyllis George, Lindy Hart, Ivanka Trump, Hoda, and Michael Kors. Now in its 11th year, ITB has raised $1,500,000 including a grant from the Pacific Life Foundation.

What started as a vision of making a community impact, In The Bag has grown into a fundraising model for the Tiffany Circle internationally. Other chapters in Canada, Louisiana and New Jersey are also planning purse auction events. It’s extremely exciting to know that we have built a legacy that is making a significant difference!

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