Women in Control

Did you know that women have control or influence over nearly $20 trillion ? That is roughly 27 percent of the wealth in the world. 

So, it is no surprise then that more and more women are hiring female financial advisors. Most women claim that they make the decisions when it comes to their family’s finances. So, why are these women turning to female financial advisors?

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Many successful women prefer to work with a female financial advisor because they feel that a female financial advisor can better understand their financial goals.

Many women have reported that a female financial advisor takes more time to listen to their concerns and really understand their priorities.

A Good Fit

As well as having appeal to female clients, being a female financial advisor is also a great industry for other women to work in. The job is very flexible and also local which works well for women who have a family at home.

The same attributes that attract female clients are what make females ideal for the job. They are patient, understanding, and willing to listen carefully to their clients.

They also make their clients feel safe and comfortable discussing all aspects of their finances, not just investing.

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Changing Tides

Traditionally, men have been the ones to provide for a family and manage the family’s finances, but this is no longer the case. Many women have entered the workforce and provide income for themselves and their families.

Because of this shift, it has become more common for women to make decisions about the family’s wealth and how it is managed. While some women share the responsibility with their spouse, many women make these decisions alone.

If we want to see more successful women, we need to start paying attention to how their finances are handled, and by whom. If you have questions about your wealth, contact the experts at Blisk Financial Group.